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Aidan Presents

For and by singer-songwriters, with a nod to the legendary nightclub The Troubadour in Los Angeles where in the sixties and seventies, by musicians like Carole King, James Taylor and Bonnie Rait, the same movement was set in motion . Every last Thursday of the month, Diederik offers the stage to four singer-songwriters who each play a selection of finest songs.


The aim of this is to bring along a beautiful evening full of different musical styles, to bring the "singersongwriter scene" into contact with each other, and create an atmosphere where there is space to try out new material, get feedback from each other and network expand.


"It is not intended to be open jam sessions or the like," explains Diederik, "the atmosphere and charm of the location are unique, and that includes quality. By creating a perfect setting in terms of sound, stage, space and listeners we hope to create a place that musicians like to use when it comes to tryouts of new work, but where they also come to listen to fellow musicians and gaining inspriration and making new contacts ". - Diederik van den Brandt

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